How I Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Income Stats

In my last blogging tip, I discussed about how we can make money online in India using the Flipkart Affiliate Program. Flipkart is the biggest E-Commerce portal in India and will remain so in the next decades to come.

The great thing about Flipkart is that they offer an affiliate program where you can get a piece of their earnings by promoting and selling their stuff. So why not use this opportunity to earn some income online.

I started with Flipkart Affiliate Program in July, 2013. Things were a tad slow in the first month. Then I decided to develop an e-commerce website of my own and I started using it to promote Flipkart products. The e-commerce website which I built is Make My Kart. It has over 20,000 Flipkart products and is a major source of my income online.

After I started with Make My Kart, sales began to roll in and income started growing. Flipkart has never been late in delivering the payment and they offer commission rates up-to 15% for certain categories.

Below is a screenshot of my earnings in the month of June 2014 which have been approved (earnings calculated after cancelled orders). All the figures are in Indian Rupees(INR). Click on the image to enlarge it.

Product Sales _ Flipkart Affiliate Program

This is what Flipkart has been giving me. With Flipkart Affiliate Program, every one can make money online without being involved in hassle because Flipkart handles everything on their end. You just need to send traffic to their website through your affiliate link.

You can check out Make My Kart, my platform for making money online through Flipkart Affiliate Program.

How to Make Money Online in Five Figures Using Flipkart Affiliate Program

I will launch an e-book in a couple of days with exact blueprint of how I used Flipkart Affiliate Program to earn online in five figures per month.

Besides Flipkart Affiliate Program, you can also make money online by joining our Write For US and Get Paid Program. Also, you can earn online by commenting on WordPress Money Blog by joining our Comment and Earn Program.

How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Blogging Tip 1

make money online Flipkart-

Who doesn’t know about Flipkart? Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce store online in India. But only few know about how you can use Flipkart to make money online in India. Infact, you can use Flipkart to generate full-time income just sitting at your home while they do all the stuff for you.

According to a recent survey, Flipkart receives around 40,000 unique orders from all over the India on a daily basis on an average day(apart from holidays and festive season). Well, this number goes extensively high during festive seasons, holidays or when any special offers are running.

Flipkart offers an affiliate program where they pay commissions to people for selling its products on the internet using websites, blogs, emails or whatever means possible. Whenever someone purchases a product on Flipkart using your affiliate link, you get certain percentage of the amount sold as commission. They pay via NEFT once in a month to all Indian Bank account holders once you have reached a threshold of Rs.1,000. Their commission rates go as high as 15% for some categories.

This affiliate program from Flipkart is being used by thousands if not hundreds, to earn some decent income online. Seeing the ever-growing popularity of Flipkart, the amazing range and variety of products and their top-notch service, the Flipkart affiliate program can sure be a great way to make money online in the coming future.

3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program

  1. Visit Flipkart Affiliate Program Signup Page. Once you fill the signup form, Flipkart Affiliate Team will approve your website. Once you have your website approved, you can start promoting their products using the tools given in the admin area of your affiliate account. Building a niche website for any popular category in Flipkart can help you make some quick money online.
  2. You can send emails to your friends, family, relatives or workgroup about the latest offers currently being served on Flipkart. Everyone loves to buy on Flipkart. You just need to use your affiliate id in the offers and you will be able to generate unbelievable sales with no or less effort.
  3. You can even make videos and publish them on YouTube about the different products on Flipkart and just leave your affiliate URL in the description. You can even use your own blog or website and promote their products.

Trust me, Flipkart sells like crazy these days and you must make use of this opportunity to make money online for yourself.

I have been using this affiliate program myself from past six-seven months. I will post my excellent results in the next post tomorrow.

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How to Earn Money Online in 2014


The New Year, 2014 has brought along with it newer ways earning money online. However, remember making money online can be easy, but not simple. It is like any other work except the fact that even though you get to work in your own private space, yet requires you to possess some skills, experience, commitment & discipline from you to invest time and an attitude to work smartly.

You have every thing of the above, but before starting you have to set a goal for yourself. This would give you a focus, measurable money you aim at making during 2014 through working online. It has to be realistic and should have identified concrete ways and means to achieve that quantifiable money. Quality of what you should be your utmost concern. This article provides some ideas, but you have to satisfy yourself whether it is genuine and work for you.

How to Earn Online Using Skype

Did you ever think of earning money via Skype? You must be possessing knowledge and knowledge is money. Skype provides the least cost option as your chat is free, most advanced gadgets, (you can use the video chatting) and connects you and whom you are teaching in a manner by giving a real class room experience.

How to Monetize Through Stock Websites

Have you heard of “Stock Websites”? These few of which listed here host the photographs of their members which are meant for selling. They pay anywhere 15% to 85% royalty on each sale. Some of such websites are iStockPhoto, Shutterstock and Shutterpoint .

If you are an owner of website/blog, you can now consider making money through Google Helpouts. This is yet another product created by Joel Comm of Google who had created the most ingenious way of making which even today is unparalleled, the Adsesnse. It provides a platform to generate leads, create and upgrade brand and profiles, and making money by sharing your expertise with others.

Well, freelance writing constitutes one of the often repeated methods of making money online. It may or may not be lucrative depending upon the way you look at it, but it is one of the best ways of making money and sharpening your knowledge. It is because when you start writing on any topic, if you care to do your research properly, you would be thrown open with so many newer opportunities which you can use yourself besides making the money by writing online. The buzzwords that circulate are side hustle, dabble on the side and you can read more about this in this link of Huffington Post,

You can also make money from what you spend. This can be done by your shopping online in a smart way. Cashback sites would automatically pay you the amount you are eligible for buying a product or services from selected retailers. Quidco even pays back 100% commission. You have to be country specific for obtaining this benefit.

The above are only few ways of earning money online. To succeed, you need to sell yourself first and that would pave the way for you to become successful.

How to Make Money Online by Trading Forex


I always used to hear about a lot of people making money online using Forex Trading. But I never got to understand how Forex worked. It was when I came through FX Software on the internet and understood how Forex Trading can be really a powerful and fast source to make money online.

Now if you too are a beginner and you are absolutely blank about this Forex Trading, let me throw some limelight on what exactly is this about.

Forex Trading is the business or practice of making money by trading currencies against each other. Forex is always traded in currency pairs. For example, consider a currency pair EUR/USD.  Here, one currency is bought and the other is sold.

5 Benefits of Trading in Forex

  1. Forex is a 24 hours market and you can exchange currencies and earn online 24 hours a day. Unlike stock trading where you  have only few hours to do everything.
  2. Again unlike stock trading, where there are thousands of thousands companies whose stocks you need to track of, there are only fourteen major currencies in which you have to trade. Everything is much more simplified in Forex trading.
  3. In Forex there exists a concept of leverage where you can control much greater market than the actual sum in your account. If you set your leverage as 1:100, then you can buy units of worth $1,000 even if you have $10 in your account. While this thing can give great boost to your profits, it can also wipe out your account. So be careful.
  4. Forex is highly volatile market. You can easily buy and sell currencies sitting in front of a computer via a Forex system.
  5. Anyone from anywhere who is considered adult and eligible for earning can trade in Forex and earn money. There are no special eligibilities for currency trading. All you need is proper guidance and experience and you too can generate huge profits by trading Forex.

How to Start Forex Trading

The success of your Forex campaign depends a lot on the Forex Company you choose to open your account. If you really want to start out in the right direction, then I would suggest opening an account with Alpari.

Once you have opened an account, they will guide you with each and every step you need to take to make huge profits in this field.

How to Utilize Social Media For Earning Extra Income Online

Does anyone still exist on earth who does not have a facebook, twitter or other related social media profile? Such species have certainly become extinct!! Such phenomenon has been a boon for all kind of business houses, be it the pharmaceutical firms, fashion houses, publishers or book stores or any kind of firms. Just name it and the Google will come up with thousand of options in its solution page. International, regional and even local business houses have started utilizing these widely used platforms for promoting their brand amongst the wide spectrum of prospective consumer’s form all over the world. Believe it or not social media sites are the best platform for connecting with potential clients and engage them with your brand.

Modern vehicle for advertisement:

Opening a business profile in the social media will just take a few minutes. So whether you have an old established firm or you have launched your business in the recent time, it does not matter. Just incorporate the detail of your business house with the important business houses and continue to advertise the name and products available in your company by regularly posting about them. It is the hottest and the most sort after advertisement technique that is used in the 21st century. Moreover, the cost incurred by the proprietor is zilch. This technique will certainly help in creating a loyal group of consumers who can spread the word about the benefits from shopping from your online store and thereby gradually the number of followers will increase.

Important things that the webmaster must consider:

There is no doubt about the fact that the social networking site are the best place for exhibiting the service and products of your business houses but the online managers must smartly use these platforms to reap the maximum benefit. Here are some things that they must consider when using the social media platform:

  • There are innumerable social media site available on the internet which promises to give you the exposure that you are looking forward to. But you have to wisely choose the best among them which is extremely popular among the people. Some of the popular social media sites are facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google+ and many other blogs as well.

  • To keep your followers and fans engaged in your business profile it is extremely important for the webmaster to regularly update their profile and keep posting about all the latest products available in their platform as well as the promotional offers and related feeds. This updates will help the consumers to redirect to their official business site and know about other products as well.

  • The entrepreneurs also have the option of advertising their banner in the social networking sites. This will allow the users to spot the advertisement while surfing in the social media sites and draw their attention. This is the latest promotional technique in vogue.

  • The webmaster can also make an endeavor to engage the followers in their business profile by posting interesting facts or synopsis in related subjects. This will allow the followers to be engaged in this platform in the most unique way. Moreover, this platform will also help the entrepreneurs to get valuable feedback from the customers which in turn will assist them in improvising themselves.

Updated business profile in the social media site has the potential for increasing the ROI of the company to a great extent by creating important backlinks to your official website and thereby generating important leads for your business. Moreover, business profile in social networking sites assists in getting top rank in the search engines when any users search with related keywords. This will also help to increase the visibility of your company amidst the multitude of service provider of the same genre.

Therefore, do not waste any more precious time, exploit these high traffic social networking sites to promote your brand and earn good return!!

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