How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Blogging Tip 1

make money online Flipkart-

Who doesn’t know about Flipkart? Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce store online in India. But only few know about how you can use Flipkart to make money online in India. Infact, you can use Flipkart to generate full-time income just sitting at your home while they do all the stuff for you.

According to a recent survey, Flipkart receives around 40,000 unique orders from all over the India on a daily basis on an average day(apart from holidays and festive season). Well, this number goes extensively high during festive seasons, holidays or when any special offers are running.

Flipkart offers an affiliate program where they pay commissions to people for selling its products on the internet using websites, blogs, emails or whatever means possible. Whenever someone purchases a product on Flipkart using your affiliate link, you get certain percentage of the amount sold as commission. They pay via NEFT once in a month to all Indian Bank account holders once you have reached a threshold of Rs.1,000. Their commission rates go as high as 15% for some categories.

This affiliate program from Flipkart is being used by thousands if not hundreds, to earn some decent income online. Seeing the ever-growing popularity of Flipkart, the amazing range and variety of products and their top-notch service, the Flipkart affiliate program can sure be a great way to make money online in the coming future.

3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program

  1. Visit Flipkart Affiliate Program Signup Page. Once you fill the signup form, Flipkart Affiliate Team will approve your website. Once you have your website approved, you can start promoting their products using the tools given in the admin area of your affiliate account. Building a niche website for any popular category in Flipkart can help you make some quick money online.
  2. You can send emails to your friends, family, relatives or workgroup about the latest offers currently being served on Flipkart. Everyone loves to buy on Flipkart. You just need to use your affiliate id in the offers and you will be able to generate unbelievable sales with no or less effort.
  3. You can even make videos and publish them on YouTube about the different products on Flipkart and just leave your affiliate URL in the description. You can even use your own blog or website and promote their products.

Trust me, Flipkart sells like crazy these days and you must make use of this opportunity to make money online for yourself.

I have been using this affiliate program myself from past six-seven months. I will post my excellent results in the next post tomorrow.

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