3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Pinterest

make money online using pinterest

Who among us is not aware of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a photo-blogging or photo-sharing network where people, bloggers and readers pins photos of any webpage on a bulletin of the related niche.

Pinterest is growing faster than anyone can imagine. In fact, it can be used beyond imagination to make money online. If you use a lot of images on your blog, then its time that you start using them and pinning them on Pinterest to get some free targeted traffic, sales and profits.

3 Ways to Make Money Online Using Pinterest

  1. Promote Affiliate Products :- Pinterest has bulletins related to almost all the niches that exist in this world in today’s time. The idea is to build a website around any niche you are interested in and use attractive and compelling images in the articles.Then you can start pinning those images on the bulletins of your niche. Whenever someone clicks on those images, he gets to those articles on your website on which you can promote your affiliate products. But make sure they are related to the bulletin on which you have pinned the image of your article. Also, never leave affiliate URLs directly on the Pinterest.
  2. Build an Audience and Authority :- Images and pictures speak more than the text and words. If you can create great images for your blog and pin them on Pinterest, its high chance that you can get many people to follow you which are interested in your niche. Once you have gained enough followers, you can make them your loyal readers, clients and customers and make some profit out of them. I have 130 followers on Pinterest. You can visit my profile here.
  3. Create Your Own Board/Bulletin :- If you can create a board of your own and get people to pin on it, you can actually use that audience and control the traffic to your own website and theirs. You can even create your own product related to the niche of your board and since you are the creator, you will have a pre-assumed authority in your board.

There is unlimited potential in Pinterest if used the right way. These are just the three ways which propped in my mind excluding the very first way which I have been using since one year.

Anything which comes to your mind, you are free to share it below with me.