SEO – A One Time Game or A Continuous Process?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires you to continuously put some work into your site even after the site has been optimized once for search engines. SEO is not like plug and play where you can just optimize your site once and leave it forever expecting it will keep growing in the search results. Big names in the SEO industry like Brent Franson say that bloggers and webmasters have a tendency to think that once a site has been search engine optimized, there nothing left over to do. They assume that the search engine optimization techniques which they used like adding web content, backlink building, keyword research etc. would be yielding the same results and benefits even after two or three years, let alone months.

But this is a completely false assumption according to me. The actual power of SEO relies upon its constant use. The consistent and repeated use of SEO is essential to bring a website to the top of the search results. You can get a website to rise a few places in a day’s work. But if you want to see the consistent rise in search engine traffic and rankings, it could take months of SEO and hard work. Even after achieving top rankings, you cannot just neglect and stop optimizing. To keep those rankings, you need to sustain the SEO on your website on a regular basis.

While there are plenty of reasons for this, one of the main reasons is that major search engines care about the freshness of the content that is put up. They want to direct people to sites that have brand-new material and are on the forefront of an industry. On top of that, search engines want to find active sites because that shows other people are going to those sites and using them, and the most active sites often provide the best Intenet-based communities for people to join. Because that is the goal, you can see why sites that have fresh content updated on a regular basis are going to rank higher than sites with old information and old pages that may not have been updated in months or even years.

The effect of SEO is also cumulative, and you have to keep in mind that other people are constantly working at it every day. If you want to keep up or stay ahead of them, you have to keep working in the same manner.

For example, let’s say that you put up 100 posts on your blog or website as part of your SEO campaign. You will notice a rise in your search engine rankings and traffic as your website will start to rise in the search results. But let’s say that you stop adding content after that for an year so just assuming that your rankings and traffic would be preserved. In that case, a blogger adding even 10 posts per month would get past you in the year and would replace you in the search results. This is of course assuming that his posts are atleast of the same quality as yours. In fact, anyone producing fresh and high quality content would get past you easily in the search results and you will lose everything you worked for. Hence, to get the best and long term benefits, your SEO campaign should be consistently monitored and improved.

Get loaded with top SEO tools to acquire optimal organic traffic

SEO as we all know is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization which is the best thing for Bloggers as well as Webmasters in order to drive the real and unlimited traffic from all the search engines. There are many advanced as well as basic things that can be learned from step by step methods and can be implemented on the websites and blogs for various purposes. These purposes may include adding Meta descriptions, optimizing templates, submitting site maps, crafting robots.txt file and much more. We have listed 5 amazing tools for SEO that can be facilely used and can promote the website or blog at heights so as to perform better in SERPS.

Top SEO Tools you must bag:

Google Keyword Planner:

As it is a well-known fact that most of the traffic will going to come directly from Google searches, thus you must have a look on Google’s keyword planner. It leverages a pool of information on the contemporary keywords that you can easily tune using the amended filtering options. Keyword planner usually has a historical view that allows seeing the popularity of all the keywords over the period of twelve month.

SEO Quake:

This is the most popular SEO tool which can be availed at free of cost. It also has an extension as well as plugin for all the web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. After the installation of this tool, a bar will appear just after opening any web page and this bar will be having all the SEO detail for that specific webpage. It will constitute Page Rank, Alexa, Backlinks, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Indexed Pages and much more.

WordPress Plugins:

In case you are running a blog on your own hosted domain using WordPress, then you might be also having lots of amazing plugin options for entire on-site optimization. Usually, WordPress SEO by Yoast offers a plethora of features from a free plugin inclusive of adding meta tag fields, sitemap creation for pages and posts along with SEO analysis of the content.

SEO Gadget Tools:

SEO Gadget usually offers a plethora of free SEO tools that aid the user by putting SEO efforts. There are a few components within this tools that aids in providing content strategy generator, link categorization tool for excel, anchor text tool that will aid in allowing the user to interpret data from the various services such as Majestic SEO.


A well-known algorithm for SEO Bloggers and Analysts can be defined using a single word known as Alexa. This has been owned by Amazon company and additionally, Alexa will give the rank to all the websites of the internet. There are many bloggers that can make an attempt to improve their Alexa rank that will also let the user to know whether the blog is going better than other websites or not. Alexa will not only intimate about the ranking, but it will also leverage the SEO related details as well. The information can be comprised of specific country rank, global rank, visitor percentage, page views, keywords, organic traffic percentage, backlinks and mush more.

The final words:

These are some of the tools that can make the bloggers to get an identity on Google and to acquire good organic traffic.

Is Guest Blogging Dead in 2014?

Is Guest Blogging Dead

Have you been guest blogging all the time to build links back to your site and rank high in Google?

Well the chances are that you did make your guest articles a good and regular source of traffic for your blog or website. My perception for guest blogging was just the same as yours(most of you) till yesterday, until I came through this just today. Let’s take a look on what Matt Cutts from Google’s Webspam Team has to say about Guest Blogging in a quote on 20th January, 2014 :

Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.

Then to end the long awaited speculation, he added :

So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post unless you are willing to vouch for someone personally or know them well. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend relying on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or guest blogging SEO as a linkbuilding strategy.

What Guest Blogging Has Been to Me?

I will be fair in saying that I never ran much after guest blogging. I won’t say I didn’t want to. Somehow I couldn’t do it. I have been writing one guest post every month on different blogs. I managed to get a lot of traffic to my own blog through those articles. I also managed to interact and network with some awesome bloggers and writers as well as readers.

So to conclude my experience of guest blogging, it has been swift, easy, beneficial and awesome.

Why Google Might Hate Guest Posting From Now On?

There is a trend on the internet that a white hat SEO technique today tends to get spammy as more and more people start to follow it just to gain high rankings and SERPs. There is no doubt that guest posting is being used just as a medium to build backlinks. With quality of content getting lost somewhere in the race of building backlinks, I would judge the move by Google as pretty much correct and necessary.

Is There Any Hidden Motive of Google Behind This Action?

With guest blogging also being seen as a spam link building technique, what else remains on the cards for bloggers and webmasters? Article marketing faded long before. Isn’t that a sign that now Google wants us to take a slight look on the Adwords as the next source of marketing? Well it could be just me thinking too much, but what remains as a genuine source for marketing and promoting a blog  is what Google runs on.

Do We Stop Guest Blogging Completely?

No would be my answer for this. At least I have planned two to three guest posts in this month only.

A solution to escape from Google’s penalty would be to nofollow the links back to your own site from your guest articles. This way, you can still manage to write for a wider audience. You will still be getting traffic to your site from those articles but without the wrath of Google.

How do you intend to promote your blog now with Guest Blogging soon going out? I would like to have your opinions and suggestions on this.

Key Elements For Search Engine Optimization

You will need a method to promote your website to the search engines as well as to visitors. You will need a course of action according to a few key elements, which should be considered wisely prior to taking any additional steps.

The Website’s Goals

What exactly are your objectives for the web-site? These objectives will generally detail the website’s goals. When it comes to commercial websites, the diverse objective is direct – to market plenty of goods and/or solutions in order to become profitable.

Nevertheless, you may also wish to inform, inspire, convince and notify along with, or in place of, attempting to sell. An evaluation of your website’s desired goals is the perfect place to begin the creation of your plan of action. When you have decided the website’s targets, make sure you keep them at the forefront throughout the whole growth of your search engine promotion strategy.

Market Statistics

Who will be your target – your sales market? What are the needs of the demographic market you are promoting to? How are they purchasing decisions made? Will they be computer wise? It is vital to the concept and execution of a search engine promotion technique to recognize your market.

The most ideal starting point to learn starts with your competition. Search Google for the competition to determine the accomplishments of your competitors. Wonderfully honest and a considerable, genuine self-help guide to learn exactly what succeeds and what does not.

However you cannot stop at that point. Market analytics are usually an integral part of an excellent promotion approach. The creation of multi-faceted metrics will be helpful in practically each step of the concept, improvement and search engine optimization stages. There are many performance metrics applications on the market. A Few are even totally free.

Advertising and Optimization

Nowadays, website achievements will depend on marketing and search-engine promotion. You may advertise on a shoe string budget or you could certainly establish an all inclusive strategy with advertising ads, Google Adwords, link generation and opt-in socialization. Considering you aren’t skilled with SEO, you will be better served by experts who are able to monitor activity, create practical metrics and develop and apply an approach for enhanced website performance.

Then there is conversion search engine optimization – converting site visitors into buyers. Much of this occurs at the introduction level. Will the website satisfy or surpass the visitor’s objectives? You’ve got 6.4 mere seconds to persuade a site visitor to examine your website. That is the length of time internet users dedicate to website evaluation.

Do It Yourself or Opt For The Pros?

Ninety-four percent of all e-commerce projects fail. A lot of of these downfalls are derived from bad business brands, but merely as much are caused by low-quality website design, lack of search engine recognition.

If you are knowledgeable with e-commerce, build a strategy that involves some of these critical aspects. If you do not understand how e-commerce works, retain the services of a professional to get it done.

Author Bio: Joana Hall is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on SEO. She has written many articles on search engine promotion optimization. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on Key Elements For Search Engine Optimization.

Everything moved to “Not provided” – What is SEO now?

Are you in the field of SEO? If yes, then you could be a person supposed to be dependent on Google as it seems to be get updated often to maintain its #1position all over the world. Google had released a recent announcement that the keyword referrals are moving forward which is really very confusing. This rises the question “whether SEO is dead in everyone’s mind?”, but the truth is it will never ever die. Yes, the SEO will live until the death of the Internet. It’s just updated to provide extra privacy to turning the ordinary searches into secured search.

This isn’t very good news for SEO services as the keyword metric class have been changed to “Not provided”, this refers that any of the keyword data will not be provided.

To be detail, nearly ¾th of peoples make use of Google through Google Chrome to fulfill their thirst. Google took this as an advantage and make its users to log in to the Google account to surf over the internet. By this, it tracks the activities of users. But nowadays, Firefox and Safari have as well planned to implement this on their search engine too.

But the thing that is to be considered is the results will only get affected on Google and this won’t affect Yahoo and Bing for any cause. But even this is never good news to businesses and professional SEO services as around 67% of the searches are made in Google and as well Bing and Yahoo takes around 18% and 11% respectively.

As like we know, SEO is wholly dependent on keywords and even brainstorming keyword research taken place. In order to bring the website to the top, links are generated naturally for page as well by tracking the backlinks. Even though, there is no clear keyword data, most of the services works conveniently to get higher search engine traffic. Apart from the link and the content that had been generated, Google nowadays concentrate on who created and shared it.

So, it is highly necessary to shift the focus from generating traffic from the keywords to pages. The most recent trend that every SEO services and search engine look after is the content i.e. great piece of content which gradually have keywords. It will definitely bring potential and relevant keywords to the website through various ways. Most of the seniors in SEO had availed lots of ways about how to solve this keyword tracking method. Try to implement those ways to get back your site again to the position you need.

This issue had produced lower possibility to research over the correct keyword data and as well its trend. But, there are several other possibilities to identify them. Below will be the best workaround to capture the traffic and as well to replace the not provided data would be,

  • Knowing about the macro context.
  • Considering the performance profile regarding the “not provided” traffic.
  • Matching up the brand and non-brand visits.
  • Having cautious conclusions.
  • Landing page keyword analysis.
  • Look over non-Google keywords.
  • Making use of Google Webmaster tools.
  • On-site analysis for searches.
  • Making use of Google Adwords.
  • Estimation using search volume tools.
  • Making use of filters to segment over the “not provided” keyword data.
  • Making use of historical and Google trends.
  • Capture keyword data through extra ways.

Google had formed this encrypted search but even this seems to be the most unfair one. This had completely changed the role and ability of SEO. But even professional SEO services, make use of this to adjust and compensate their missing data and as well end up the game by ranking the website in the search engine.

Even though there are several other side tools, it won’t be possible to get the exact results that had been attained already from Google Analytics. This will definitely help the marketers with higher potential and will provide the better way to increase both SERP and ROI. To your view, the real killer is never been a keyword metric, it’s just related to the semantic relationship that has been developed between topic and entities inside the web.