How To Publish And Write Posts Using WordPress!

WordPress is the leading blogging platform of today’s web. It was founded by Matt Mullenweg at the tender age of 19 and it has now become a raging success and the talk of every other internet forums. This web software allows you to create websites and blogs of your own choice and that too for free. With thousands of themes and plugins available to choose from, you can transform your website according to your whims and desires. WordPress now boasts of over 60 million users and has both a downloadable mobile phone app and a desktop version as well. Publishing blogs had never been as easy before and WordPress has acquired contracts from media giants such as The New York Times, Motley Crue and Blondie etc. The success of WordPress however belongs to the hundreds of community volunteers which help in expanding it and cause it to reach new heights.

A post is an entry that has comment fields underneath them and are included in any site’s RSS feed. Post are usually displayed in reverse order on the home page. The process of writing and publishing posts on WordPress is fairly simple, here’s how it’s done:

  • You’ll first need to log in to the administration panel of WordPress i.e. Dashboard.

  • Now click on the ‘Posts’ tab in the menu displayed to you on the left side of the page.

  • Then click on the ‘Add new’ tab from the sub-tab menu that opens up.

  • Now you’re in the main editor. Just like when you’re writing an email this editor has a place at the top for your title. Make sure that you have a catchy title so that you can attract users to read it.

  • Beneath it there’s a blank for the main body of the post. Here you can jot down all your thoughts and ideas here. The numerous options for font styles and sizes allow you to tweak your text according to your liking. There are icons in the tool bar that allow you to insert various types of media including photos, videos and even music.

  • Once you are happy with your editing you can add additional tags to your post. Depending upon your need select the relevant category and add tags. You can also make other selections from the various selections given below the post.

  • It is not necessary to publish your post right away; you have the option of saving your draft. You can also preview your post and take a look at how it would look when you publish it to the web.

  • Before you publish the post you can set the status of visibility of your post, whether you would like it to be public i.e. view-able by anyone or private, even password protected.

  • With advanced options you can even change the publish date and time of your post.

  • When you are satisfied with your post you can publish it to the web. After you’ve published it you can check out the live version of your post by visiting the blog. You can even re- edit the blog via the edit menu.

So there you go, think of invigorating new ideas for your blog and publish them easily using WordPress and its convenient publishing process.

WordPress 4.0 Rolled Out – 3 Biggest Changes

Just logged into my blog’s WordPress Dashboard today and saw this message on the top :

2014-09-05 14_03_02-Add New Post ‹ WordPress Money Blog — WordPress

Though I didn’t click on “Please update now” right away since I need to first assure that my theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0.

The latest version of WordPress was launched on September 4, 2014 and has been named “Benny” after the legendary band leader and jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman.

After WordPress 3.9, it was expected that the WordPress would roll out something special in the start of WordPress 4.X series.

Let’s take a deep look on what this new version of WordPress 4.0 has in store for its users.

3 Newest Features Added in WordPress 4.0

  • Highly Improvised Content Embedding :- Embedding videos and other content like tweets has been taken to a whole new other level in this update of WordPress 4.0. As soon as you embed a YouTube URL or a tweet in your content, the WordPress will show you the “true” preview of the content embedded right there. Thus, embedding has become more of a visual experience and this feature gives you more confidence about what you are embedding. To me, it would save a lot of time that we have to spend in verifying whether the right URL was embedded or not. Here is a screenshot below which appears immediately after pasting the URL of the video of “Louis Armstrong – Hello Dolly” from the YouTube :

2014-09-05 10_04_37-WordPress › WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

Currently, WordPress 4.0 supports true preview for embedding of content from 25 services like YouTube, Twitter, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. with Animoto being the latest addition.

  • Improved Content Editor : Now formatting tools in the content editor of WordPress 4.0 will always be visible no matter how deep down you scroll. The editor expands itself to completely fit your content as you start filling it with content. This provides a smoother experience when publishing content and helps you focus more on the content rather than just keep scrolling up and down.
  • Improved Plugin Search :- WordPress 4.0 has made the plugin search a lot more visual friendly and user-friendly task. Till now, the plugin search had a list of suggested plugins. It was often time-consuming to select the right plugin among so many options available. But with WordPress 4.0, this problem has vanished completely. The plugin search in WordPress 4.0 gives results like below:

2014-09-05 13_47_39-WordPress › WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

Other Highlights of WordPress 4.0

Some other minor yet crucial changes include improved media gallery which enables you to view your media and edit it easily.

And as always there are some additions of codes and hooks which I am not much aware of and do not have technical knowledge about.

I am highly excited to get my blog updated to WordPress 4.0 but before that I need to make sure the my theme Genesis Framework is compatible with it.

I have already received plugin updates for a couple of plugins for WordPress 4.0 though I am holding them too for now.

If you have updated your WordPress version and you are already using 4.0, then let us know how is it in the comments below.

Is WordPress Suitable For Live-Blogging?

For good and for bad, immediacy is an essential component of successful online publishing. To engage attention, publishers have to capture the wave of a trending topic before it peaks. Traditional blogs aren’t well suited to covering events as they happen. Blogging is an after-the-fact medium. Blogs are an exceptional platform for analysis, news reporting, and other writing, but they are not ideal for immediacy and the real-time reporting that drives traffic to social media networks like Twitter.

Why not just use Twitter or Google+ instead of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole? For the same reason publishers like The Verge prefer to live-blog events rather than tweet about them. You own your blogging platform. You control how it looks, the content that is published on it, and how traffic is monetized. If you use someone else’s platform, you’re driving traffic to their advertising and they have control over the content.

That’s not to say social media and other publishing platforms aren’t incredibly valuable for real-time news reporting. Twitter is an invaluable tool for journalists and writers. Reddit’s new live-blogging feature is likely to produce mixed results, but it may become a powerful way of applying crowdsourcing to news gathering and reporting.

None of which is very useful for blog publishers who want to bring traffic to their site and keep it there.

There aren’t as many options for live-blogging on WordPress as one would think. WordPress live-blogging seemed to hit a peak of popularity a couple of years ago, with several strong plugins being developed that turned WordPress into a great live-blogging platform.

Even Automattic got in on the action with Liveblog, but the plugin hasn’t been updated since the beginning of 2013 and is only compatible up to version 3.5.2 of WordPress. The Live Blogging plugin is a similar story, but that hasn’t been updated for even longer.

The strongest option at the time of writing is 24liveblog. 24liveblog is not a WordPress native service and requires an account on the 24liveblog site. The plugin takes care of embedding the necessary code on a WordPress site, but the writing itself takes place on 24liveblog’s cloud service.

For its price (free), 24liveblog is a remarkably powerful live-blogging tool. The dashboard is well-designed and it is remarkably straightforward to create live-blog streams that include text, tweets, embedded videos, and screen captures.

If you run a news site and want to capture the immediacy of social media on your own platform, you really can’t do much better than 24liveblog.

The Best WordPress Themes in 2014 To Make Your WordPress Site Stand Out

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WordPress has an impressive collection of themes that bloggers and site owners can use for their website. All themes have their own unique characteristics that make them good pick, however, among these themes, there are really some that stand out from the rest. From professional, business-oriented themes to fun and inspiring versions, there’s always a theme that would be a perfect fit for your site. One should find these fantastic themes in order for their site to get a lot of attention and conversions as well. But how? Well, the best themes should be responsive to cater to the growing demand of mobile browsing. Years ago this was not a requirement but due to many sizes of devices, responsive themes are surely a must, so  that it can look beautiful in any device that people will use. The best themes should also get easily customized having widgets and custom functions in the appearance itself, keeping coding down to a minimum and allowing newbies to create their own site.

Using these criteria, we’ve searched the internet for the best themes out there. Today we are going to give you the top 10 WordPress themes this 2014. Read on.

Social WordPress Theme
Looking for a great design to showcase your designs, artworks and photos? Then this trendy theme will be perfect to showcase your portfolio and make sure you’ll get notice. It’s fully responsive and can easily be connected to various social media accounts.

Indigo Theme
This theme had always been one of the top WordPress themes around because of its simplicity and cleanliness. It is perfect for beginners who want to start a blog and don’t know much about coding and programming. This theme is full responsive and will allow you to put a slideshow and some widgets easily.

ProProview Theme
Planning to start a review site? Use ProProview theme for a clean look and easy customization functions. Whether you are making the review site for pleasure, to inform people or for profit, this theme would be perfect for you. It is responsive and has features such as Ratings by feature, ribbons for top rated products, ratings widgets, review slider, pros and cons, user ratings and more. All this is so easy to understand, even a novice will not have a hard time.

InReview Theme
Made by Elegant themes, we are already sure that this theme is clean and good looking before we even checked it out. By the time we tried to use it, we are surprised with what it can do. InReview is a powerful review theme that has author ratings, user ratings, feature ratings, slider and customizable widgets. It also comes with short codes and an easy to setup review post that people will surely love. We’ve used InReview for some of our electronic cigarette review sites and experienced success using it.

Focus Premium News Theme
Focus is one of the best themes there if you want to make an online newspaper or magazine type website. The design was inspired by tech magazine website “The Verge” and your websites will surely standout because of it. It is well responsive, professional looking, has extremely easy to use option panel and has built in social media module which lets you add social buttons without adding other plugins.

Codilight Theme
Codilight is another online magazine type of theme, so powerful, so attractive and extremely customized. It is on the middle of professionalism and fun so it is really cool and can capture the eyes of audiences of both types. It has a great search box, drop down menus, links to social features, shortcodes, SEO friendly customization and advertisement blocks that are perfect if you are looking for Advertisers for your online mag.

Blanco Theme
It is a WordPress theme that is perfect if you are planning to start an online store or E-commerce site. Blanco is responsive and easy to use, it is clean so your customers would find it easy to buy and navigate your site and it has a powerful admin module that allows you to customize products that you would want to display on the homepage.

Bretheon WordPress Business Theme
Is a favorite amongst businesses because it is very professional looking but is so easy to navigate. It will give people the feeling that your business website is created by a professional graphic designer even if it’s not. It is also responsive, has unlimited color choices and over 500 fonts to choose from.

Kallyas Theme
Kallyas theme is perfect for both E-Commerce website and business profile website. It is highly responsive and is currently the top-selling e-commerce theme at ThemeForest. It includes slider, easy transaction payments, page builder, unlimited color options and more.

Precise Theme
Precise is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used in any type of WordPress site you are planning to build. It can fit almost everyone’s need. It’s convenient, responsive, simple and its expressive animation will make your site unique.

Bring in traffic to your WordPress website with these amazing tips


A website is considered “Great” only if it has a lot of traffic coming in from different sources. Driving traffic for your website can turn to be a daunting experience if you aren’t sure about the best means of doing so. If you’re just like the many website owners who’re constantly struggling to drive more traffic to their site, then you’ve arrived at the right post. Through this blog, I’ll be putting forth some of the most amazing tips that will aid you in bringing a lot of traffic to your website. So, without keeping you waiting, let me introduce you to exciting tips you’ll love to follow for driving maximum traffic to your site.

Tip No.1- Opt for adding Breadcrumbs

Addition of breadcrumbs adds an entirely new dimension to your website’s visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In addition to this, breadcrumbs also aid your visitors in getting an instant idea about your site’s structure and the basic navigation from one web page to another. You may choose to use the WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin to enable breadcrumbs onto your WordPress powered website.

Tip No.2- Split the web content using specific headlines

If you’ve been a regular blogger then you might be well familiar with the importance of headlines. The same rule applies to websites as well. One of the most effective means of boosting traffic to your WordPress website is splitting your site’s content into headlines. You may use the Title Split Testing for WordPress plugin for creating multiple headlines for each of the post/pages you’ve included within your website. These headlines are then randomly presented to the visitors and the click-through rate is measured. Once you’re able to attain a specific number of clicks, it’ll become easier for you to decide which headline works best for attracting visitors.

Tip No.3- Opt for interlinking within web pages

It’s always a better idea to interlinks the pages within your website. Doing this will allow you to boost visitor engagement. Even if your visitors get blind in navigating from one page to another, these interlinks will compel them to explore your site in a thorough manner. I recommend you to include as many relevant links within your posts/pages as possible while framing the same.

Tip No.4- Install Analytic and study the results obtained henceforth

Whether you’re running a corporate WordPress website or a WordPress blog, it’s beneficial to install Google Analytics tool (available free of cost) and analyze the results obtained from the different tests conducted by the same. You must keep a watch over the following aspects related to your website’s performance:

  • Total number of visits that are originated for your website

  • The sources that are driving traffic to your site

  • What people are saying about your site

Employing analytics will offer you a critical opinion on where you’re heading to and areas where you can find innovative business opportunities. It also offers you a fair chance of learning from your own mistakes and executing your potential to the maximum.

Tip No.5- Update your website’s ‘About Us’ Page on a regular basis

The very first page your visitors will likely want to view is your ‘About Us’ page because they’ll want to know something about who you are and what kind of products/services you offer. Hence, it becomes essential to update your ‘About Us’ page by including a short bio and a generic description of what you deal in. Text containing around two paragraphs is sufficient for an impressive ‘About Us’ page. Try including a clear and crisp language that serves your purpose of making the visitors come to your site repeatedly.

Tip No.6- Proofread your website content for grammatical and logical flaws

Whether it’s a less-content ‘Contact Us’ page or a content-rich Products/Services Page, you must make sure every detail included within your web pages is correct, both grammatically as well as logically. There shouldn’t be any spelling mistakes or jargon errors as these may easily turn off your visitors and they may head to a new website.

Wrapping Up

Often you might’ve heard about web traffic fast schemes, but I wouldn’t recommend you indulging in any such thing. The set of tips explained above are more than sufficient for enabling you to increase web traffic for your WordPress website. Just abide by these tips and you’ll be able to find your path towards online success.

If you have any suggestions for methods that can be utilized for improving website traffic, please don’t forget to share the same within the comments box below.