Top 3 Premium Themes for WordPress in 2012

Standard Theme-Best Premium Theme

In the last post, I discussed some benefits of using Premium Themes on your wordpress blog rather than free ones. By now you must have made your mind to switch from your free wordpress theme to some Premium wordpress theme as you want to be a professional blogger and make money online like a pro.

I promised that I will share with you some of the top wordpress Premium Themes for 2012 which you can use on your blog to have an amazing blogging experience. All good things come for a price. But what you pay gets paid to you in return.

Best 3 Premium Themes for WordPress in 2012!

Here are some of the Premium Themes which are used by tops blogs like Mashable, Problogger, JohnChow, TentBlogger and many more top bloggers of the internet world.

  1. Standard Theme:- You might go away with the name of this Premium WordPress Theme and consider it to be just an ordinary theme. But in reality this theme is extra-ordinary designed exclusively for the bloggers. Designed with effective SEO  techniques to increase traffic to your blog and to help you generate profits in no time. The theme’s social sharing capabilities enhance it’s utiliity. Also, the theme is easily customizable. The theme has kept your advertising needs in mind. The site’s load time gets decreased due to simple design and coding. In short,  this theme is a complete package and is one of the most preferred Premium Theme for 2012. Go check it out here.
  2. Genesis:-Genesis Framework is again one of the best WordPress Premium Themes which offers state of the art coding and SEO with beautiful and amazing designs to make your blog look professional and load faster than ever before. The theme has highly customizable widgets and menus and lots more. Highly referred for 2012.
  3. Thesis:- Again Thesis is one another world class theme with efficient coding, world class designs and world class SEO. Its easy to customize and control according to your wish without any knowledge of coding. Just another awesome Premium WordPress Theme.

These are the top three Premium Themes though there are many more. But you must look forward to these three. I will be upgrading to the Standard Theme next week as its version 3.0 is about to be released which is extremely powerful.

So this was all from the Premium Themes gallery. I will soon come up with more effective blogging tips for you,



  1. says

    Hi Vineet,

    You know when I entered in the blogosphere then I was not aware about any kind of themes. I was only aware about the free themes WordPress provide to it’s users after it’s installation. The name is Eleven twenty.

    It’s not so customized but for beginners it’s quite good because starting is well enough to run on the path.

    After few days I came to know about Gensis and Thesis and finally I am using Thesis because it’s great in it’s SEO and you can modify it in your own way.

    It requires little bit knowledge of CSS and HTML to change the theme according to you.

    Ravi Chahar wants you to read…How To Change Number Of Posts Per Page WordPress According To You?My Profile

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