WordPress 4.0 Rolled Out – 3 Biggest Changes

Just logged into my blog’s WordPress Dashboard today and saw this message on the top :

2014-09-05 14_03_02-Add New Post ‹ WordPress Money Blog — WordPress

Though I didn’t click on “Please update now” right away since I need to first assure that my theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0.

The latest version of WordPress was launched on September 4, 2014 and has been named “Benny” after the legendary band leader and jazz clarinetist Benny Goodman.

After WordPress 3.9, it was expected that the WordPress would roll out something special in the start of WordPress 4.X series.

Let’s take a deep look on what this new version of WordPress 4.0 has in store for its users.

3 Newest Features Added in WordPress 4.0

  • Highly Improvised Content Embedding :- Embedding videos and other content like tweets has been taken to a whole new other level in this update of WordPress 4.0. As soon as you embed a YouTube URL or a tweet in your content, the WordPress will show you the “true” preview of the content embedded right there. Thus, embedding has become more of a visual experience and this feature gives you more confidence about what you are embedding. To me, it would save a lot of time that we have to spend in verifying whether the right URL was embedded or not. Here is a screenshot below which appears immediately after pasting the URL of the video of “Louis Armstrong – Hello Dolly” from the YouTube :

2014-09-05 10_04_37-WordPress › WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

Currently, WordPress 4.0 supports true preview for embedding of content from 25 services like YouTube, Twitter, DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. with Animoto being the latest addition.

  • Improved Content Editor : Now formatting tools in the content editor of WordPress 4.0 will always be visible no matter how deep down you scroll. The editor expands itself to completely fit your content as you start filling it with content. This provides a smoother experience when publishing content and helps you focus more on the content rather than just keep scrolling up and down.
  • Improved Plugin Search :- WordPress 4.0 has made the plugin search a lot more visual friendly and user-friendly task. Till now, the plugin search had a list of suggested plugins. It was often time-consuming to select the right plugin among so many options available. But with WordPress 4.0, this problem has vanished completely. The plugin search in WordPress 4.0 gives results like below:

2014-09-05 13_47_39-WordPress › WordPress 4.0 “Benny”

Other Highlights of WordPress 4.0

Some other minor yet crucial changes include improved media gallery which enables you to view your media and edit it easily.

And as always there are some additions of codes and hooks which I am not much aware of and do not have technical knowledge about.

I am highly excited to get my blog updated to WordPress 4.0 but before that I need to make sure the my theme Genesis Framework is compatible with it.

I have already received plugin updates for a couple of plugins for WordPress 4.0 though I am holding them too for now.

If you have updated your WordPress version and you are already using 4.0, then let us know how is it in the comments below.

188 Replies to “WordPress 4.0 Rolled Out – 3 Biggest Changes”

  1. Hi Vineet, This is perfect timing as I opened my dashboard today and noticed the update. I don’t like to update immediately. I like to hear about others on the bugs, etc. I love the embed feature though that will be part of the 4.0 update. I must remember to back up in c-panel too before updating in case of any issues with theme or any plugins. Thanks for sharing with us about these updates and what they can do for us. Have a great weekend ahead Vineet!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for taking time to read this.
      Yes of course you should wait before updating your blog since bugs might arise due to incompatibility issues of various themes or plugins.
      Well cpanel backing up is a great idea in case anything goes wrong. I would do that for sure before updating. Please come back and share your reviews when you have updated your blog too.
      Vineet Saxena

    2. Hey Lisa,

      Even i have also updated my WordPress dashboard to 4.0 and same like you i had also taken up the backup so that in case it get crashed or any other issue i can get my data back.
      But there was nothing like this.
      WordPress 4.0 working superb on my blog you can check it out.


    3. Hi Lisa,

      the wordpress is featured with automatic updates option is enabled by default so whenever wordpress release new updates your wordpress also updated automatially.

      if you want you can disable the features with simple works, if you don’t want the automatic feature google or contact me

      1. Hi Krishnan ,

        Automatic update of WordPress is not friendly to bloggers because you never know about the latest version. There may be some faults.

        Before using any latest version of WordPress bloggers should wait for at least one week.

        After the confirmation they should update to the new version.
        There may be something in the old version due to which you don’t want to change it.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    There are great changes with this update, but I didn’t install it yet. I like to wait a week or two before updating.

    Funny…I just sent an email to Kumar who does everything for me on my blog. I leave it up to him to update it on my blog when he thinks it is appropriate.

    I don’t like to fiddle around by myself with updates. Have to make sure the plugins and theme all coordinate and one doesn’t knock out the other. I’ve done it before myself and messed things up lol.


    1. Hi Donna,
      Kumar is definitely a charismatic guy and someone to look upto.
      It happens sometimes when we update our blog with a newer WordPress version. I too, once created a mess on my blog. But luckily, I had the backup of my site so I was able to restore it.
      You should also first test and try and ten only update the blog.
      Vineet Saxena

    2. Hey Donna,

      Are you talking about Krishna Kumar ?
      You should update your WordPress to 4.0 now as there are great features and every update is always better than the last one so don’t wait more check it out.


    3. Hi Donna,

      It is advised to update whenver the wordpress updates availabel and don’t postpone the process because, the update will contains some security bugs which is important for your blog to saves from bad people

    4. Hi Donna,

      Glad to see you here.:)

      If you still haven’t updated to the latest version of WordPress then let me tell you that its quite good in its features but some things i am not in favor of.

      The selection font size and color.
      You have to use HTML to add an extra text color other than default colors. There are some limited text colors which can be added using WordPress directly but what will you do if you suppose to add new one?

      Similarly regarding font size.

      Hope you are doing fine this week.:)


  3. I just recently took a look at the new update, and think its a better user experience. Then, the videos are now embedded inside of the post. Images are easier to update and give you user experience with easily editing images for the tags.

    I like the update and easier to use and navigate.
    Thank you for sharing, your recent post.

    1. Thanks Paul,
      WordPress 4.0 will surely be unique of its kind. I have also not updated yet but once I do, I have a tremendous belief that it will be a great experience thereafter working with the WordPress.
      Vineet Saxena

      1. I just updated, but have not really blogged inside of the new 4.0 but seems to be a better experience. Member how you to two scroll down bars and now there is only one.

        Then, you do not need to scroll all the back up to just add link or images and figure that they would done this a little sooner.

        Thank you for the update, because I prob was not going go into my admin until Monday.

        1. That is great Paul,
          I am also super excited for updating my blog. I will surely do it in a couple of days.
          That no-need-to-scroll thing will definitely help bloggers blog better and better. I am delightful I could be of some benefit for you. Keep blogging and keep coming back for sharing more views and thoughts of yours.
          Vineet Saxena

        2. Hey Paul,

          Thanks mentioning this about in comment as i my eyes was not gone their till now but after i had read your comment and checked i found that there is only one scroll bar which make some work easy and quicker.


          1. Welcome Suprabhat Mondal,

            The one scroll bar does make a things a little easier inside of wordpress, and the video is right inside of the admin.

            I like the new version seems to be a little easier inside of the naviagation.

    2. Hi Paul,

      With the release of latest version of WordPress bloggers are curious to know many new features.

      I am glad that you have noticed some great thing about WordPress. Though I haven’t updated to the latest version because waiting to get the confirmation is perfect.

      You never know about the faults in the update version. Try to use it effectively for your blog.


  4. Hi vineet,

    All the three features added in WordPress 4.0 appear to be good. I intend to start my own website shortly. At that time, I want to take benefit of it. Thank you for sharing such nice information.

    1. Hey Rajaraman

      If you need any help in setting up your new blog on WordPress you can take help of vineet or you can contact me anytime for it.
      As i provide free WordPress Setup and Migration service.
      If you need any kind of help don’t hesitate to ask

      Suprabhat Mondal

    2. Hi Rajaraman,

      You have choosed wordpress as your CMS ( Content Management System) thats a fine think.

      i suggset you should install the wordpress in localhost and learn about the basic of the wordpress it takes two week and create a example proejct after that if you go in online which is very helpful for you

    3. Hi Rajaraman,

      I am glad to see that even after having a Blogger blog you are showing interest in WordPress.

      You know about the features of latest version of version. I am happy that you are going to set up your new blog with WordPress.

      As I have told you before that WordPress is an amazing platform to work at. You will have fun.


      1. Hi Ravi,

        I do want to work on WordPress and see how amazing it is as compared with blogger. So for this very purpose, I want to set up my new blog with WordPress.

        I am very much interested in exploring the features of the latest version of WordPress. Many times I feel that a WordPress blog will be better than a blogger blog. (62 words)

        1. Hi Rajaraman,

          Yeah! of course a WordPress blog is better than Blogger due to its amazing plugins and many themes.

          You will get limited templates for your Blogger blog but there are many themes to be used for your WordPress blog.

          The main thing I don’t like about Blogger is that whole of your blog’s control is in their hand. They can remove your blog anytime without telling you.


          1. Hi Ravi,

            What you say is cent per cent correct Ravi. They remove anything on our blog without any information. This is one bad aspect of Google which I do not like.

            The limited templates given by Google for their blogs are also frustrating. So with all these negative aspects of blogger blogs, I think a WordPress blog will be far better. (60 words)

  5. Hi Vineet,

    WordPress has launched many versions and most of version didn’t have the capacity to show the preview when you put any URL into the post but WordPress version 4.0 is rocking.

    But in my opinion WordPress version 3.8.3 was the best one. In the later version we don’t have nay option to edit the color of the text using more colors. there are limited colors.

    Font size is not favorable and I change according to is using HTML.

    I hope they are going to do these changes soon.

    Thanks for the info.:)

    Have a great day.:)


    1. Hey Ravi

      I guess you had not checked the features of WordPress 4.0 as they all are amazing. And Till now i had not faced any issue in changing color of text it is as simple as that i was used to be earlier.

      If you need any help you can contact me anytime.


      1. Hi Suprabhat,

        You didn’t get my point.

        I am trying to say that in previous versions we would be able to change the text color with our own choice. Now there are limited colors to be selected.

        I always add some extra HTML code to show them better because the color I want to use is not available in the WordPress text color list.

        I hope you got my point.


        1. Hey Ravi,

          Now i got your point Yes we have limited color but generally people like only few colors as you can see the simple things goes higher.
          Lets Take Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
          Watch there logo they are very simple but yet popular.


          1. HI Suprabhat,

            Actually the color I am using for the text of my headlines is not in WordPress color directory so I need to add them with my HTML code.

            I hope WordPress new version will bring this feature again in their upgrade version.


    2. Hi Ravi,

      There are availabe so many good wordpress plugins for editing works that means you can change font, color and more things you can do.

      The default editor is not for advanced work but it is fine for basic need if need you can installed a editor

      1. Hi Krishnan,

        Adding any plugin to edit my text color is not a big deal I do it using HTML coding.

        The only thing I want to let you know that in WordPress version 3.8.3 we had options to add the code of any color for our text but now in the latest version it’s not there.

        I mean people expect something extra in upgraded version but WordPress has removed few options.


  6. i am not yet update to the lastest version of the wordpress. becasue some of my plugins is not yet updated to the new wordpress

    i have decided to install into localhsot to get about the new features.however, this is not major update of the wordpress even so it is fine

      1. Hi Suprabhat Mondal,

        i have not because some of my plugins is not upated to new wordpress but, i installed and exploring the finest features of wordpress.

        as you said, it has some improvement when compared to previous verison

        1. Hi Krishnan,

          Before updating your WordPress to the latest version you must check the updates for your plugins because if you use the old versions of plugin with the latest version then they may create problem.

          May be their compatibility will not for the latest version of WordPress.

          You must wait for the updation of your plugins so that you can get proper output.


  7. Hey Vineet,

    Informative post Indeed! I recently updated to WordPress 4.0 and I must say it was worth updating. The new features are great and also the interface has been improved significantly.

    As you said, searching for plugins feels awesome now. But thanks to you for this post as I didn’t that they have improved video embedding as well. I’ll surely give it a try now.

    Thanks again for this awesome share.

    Have a great day ahead!


    – Rohit

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  48. I agree. That’s why I’ve tried to avoid criticizing their actions. The loss of a child has to be one of the worst experiences to have to go through. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. The race hustlers are telling them everything they want to hear right now. Little do they know, Sharpton and JJ will ditch them when that well is dry.

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