Is WordPress Suitable For Live-Blogging?

For good and for bad, immediacy is an essential component of successful online publishing. To engage attention, publishers have to capture the wave of a trending topic before it peaks. Traditional blogs aren’t well suited to covering events as they happen. Blogging is an after-the-fact medium. Blogs are an exceptional platform for analysis, news reporting, and other writing, but they are not ideal for immediacy and the real-time reporting that drives traffic to social media networks like Twitter.

Why not just use Twitter or Google+ instead of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole? For the same reason publishers like The Verge prefer to live-blog events rather than tweet about them. You own your blogging platform. You control how it looks, the content that is published on it, and how traffic is monetized. If you use someone else’s platform, you’re driving traffic to their advertising and they have control over the content.

That’s not to say social media and other publishing platforms aren’t incredibly valuable for real-time news reporting. Twitter is an invaluable tool for journalists and writers. Reddit’s new live-blogging feature is likely to produce mixed results, but it may become a powerful way of applying crowdsourcing to news gathering and reporting.

None of which is very useful for blog publishers who want to bring traffic to their site and keep it there.

There aren’t as many options for live-blogging on WordPress as one would think. WordPress live-blogging seemed to hit a peak of popularity a couple of years ago, with several strong plugins being developed that turned WordPress into a great live-blogging platform.

Even Automattic got in on the action with Liveblog, but the plugin hasn’t been updated since the beginning of 2013 and is only compatible up to version 3.5.2 of WordPress. The Live Blogging plugin is a similar story, but that hasn’t been updated for even longer.

The strongest option at the time of writing is 24liveblog. 24liveblog is not a WordPress native service and requires an account on the 24liveblog site. The plugin takes care of embedding the necessary code on a WordPress site, but the writing itself takes place on 24liveblog’s cloud service.

For its price (free), 24liveblog is a remarkably powerful live-blogging tool. The dashboard is well-designed and it is remarkably straightforward to create live-blog streams that include text, tweets, embedded videos, and screen captures.

If you run a news site and want to capture the immediacy of social media on your own platform, you really can’t do much better than 24liveblog.

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  1. This live blogging makes sense but I think it would work very well for sites that rely on a lot of fresh contents for instance news sites. I have just watched the video of the live blogging plugins which is amazing by the way but my fear is the possibility of it being updated and not abandoned as it has not been updated in a while now.

    1. HI Eddie,
      Live blogging requires you to continuously update your blog or site with fresh and new content. That is the sole idea behind live blogging.
      Thanks for sharing your views here.

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    5. Wonderful quote! it's funny but I added a quote at the last minute to my faves as well….i love how the Lord uses others' words to minister to us! I am still keeping Andrew in prayer and will continue to do so. I love my husband's Nook for traveling but I sure do love sitting on my deck with a "real" book in hand!! 🙂 I hope you have a refreshing weekend, Laura!


    Live Blogging concept is awesome. Here people can get live live news of several things. It can be anything. Here your reader can get a chance to keep update himself/herself with recent events. But thing is that, you have to active here all the time.

    What is the better way to start your live blog with WordPress, you can choose any suitable theme according to your requirement among the various responsive theme. Isn’t really amazing?


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  3. I read that duringsome big events they ask the participating people for sharing about the event in social media sites lively.

    i think this will reach more people. now this trend is spreading.

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    1. Hi Suprabhat Mondal,

      Yes, this concept is new to me, however, i want to know even more about the live blogging and event blogging.

      I think the both thing is same but the name is different however, i will try to find out the exact answer.

      1. Hey

        Event Blogging is totally diffrent where we create a blog targeting for a particular event like Asian games and then try to rank it higher on search engine within a week,

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        45. i wrote this under the same article posted earlier…this year’s been pretty bad for music.i prob wouldn’t give any credit to pritam for awarapan.from the movies released in 07i’d pickguruanwar(i think the movie released this yr)jbjtrainkailasha’s jhoomo re(non-film)and all these albums had a couple of good songsmetronlakstrrpawarapanbig brotherdelhi heightssome of the singles off this list i liked are‘Chanda Re’ – Eklavya‘Rozana Jiye’ – Nishabd (this is an awesome song)‘Laaree Choote’ – 1:40 Ki Last Local‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ – Shakalaka Boom Boomhavn’t listened to cash yeti’m looking forward to jodha akbar, oso, and saanwariya

        46. Oh, I forgot to mention that ABC News Radio didn’t have the resources to cover the Victorian bushfires or the Bali bombings when they occured. Humiliating, they used BBC correspondent reports. Yet Mark Scott can afford to lash out tens of millions on a white elephant television network 15 years after this sort of thing was in fashion.No-one is arguing, Terry, that people don’t deserve access to free broadcast news. But I would argue they would get better bang for their buck by spending the money on a few reporters for News Radio and a few correspondents offshore.

        47. ShangoJamalKudos to Oprah for taking the high road. I thought her poise throughout the interview was remarkable. She allowed only the facts (as she recalled them) to inform viewers, and let Iyanla work out whatever she needed to in that moment without adding insult to her injury. My prayers go out to Iyanla. Thank you for bearing all and sharing all… as best you could.

        48. , having run the odd creative writing workshop. Cho’s writing by itself is difficult but not conclusive.The issue to me is his behaviour towards other students – weird text messages, photographing people, then the stint in the local mental health unit. I can’t help thinking that the dots should have been connected.BTW I think the academic’s name is Lucinda Roy; his (initially concerned) tutor was Nikki Giovanni.

        49. dit :Je ne suis pas du tout d’accord avec le commentaire de Manou. Dès l’instant où un blogueur souhaite établir/conserver une relation de confiance avec son lectorat, il est important qu’aucun doute ne persiste sur le contenu des billets. D’ailleurs, je ne suis pas sûre qu’en France il soit obligatoire de préciser quels billets sont sponsorisés ou non (contrairement aux Etats-Unis). Donc, Shalima, merci pour ces éclaircissements, que je trouve honnêtes, informatifs et… nécessaires! Si, si, c’est obligatoire

        50. Hallo Susanne,also in Hamburg bin ich schon des Öfteren in den Genuss eines guten Croissants gekommen; bei Herrn Max zum Beispiel. Aber auch das Café Zeitraum hat leckere Croissants anzubieten. Außerdem – wer hätte das gedacht – gibt es im Café Paris ganz tolle Hörnchen in par(ad)isischer Atmosphäre. Unbedingt ausprobieren!!!Liebe Grüße,Vanessa

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        53. Sshh! Paul G should get the NCS award just for the Pooch Cafe of March 26th alone. As well as all the rest he’s drawn in the last year. That’s what I think.Hey Paul, I wrestled with that strip for a while, hoping Dad wouldn’t look too harsh. Does he? The trouble is, Petey’s such a immovable object that he needs to be pried loose sometimes and tossed outside. Though it looks like wherever he lands he’s gonna be a fish out of water. Put it down to desperate plot contrivance.

        54. Wednesday October 31st, 2012Grande Munari e bel post, consiglio chiunque sia interessato all’argomento di leggere il bel libro di Michael Freeman: L’occhio del fotografo. L’aspetto più interessante di questo libro è che non ha regole ma solo descrizioni sulle più diffuse composizioni, da quelle pittoriche alle tecniche fotografiche più recenti.Buona luce

        55. Hi Trish! Nice to “meet” you I’m very familiar with Green Acres! My fiance Matt and I live out south at the moment, so Whole Foods and TJ’s are our usuals, but when we move further north in a couple months, Green Acres is likely to become one of our regular grocery stores. Stop me and say hi if/when you see me there! They’ll be carrying when it comes out in March, right? If so, maybe I should hold a book signing there!Raw desserts are where it’s at! May I suggest my famous and ?

        56. 252Really Nicole?? Why do you choose to take your child shopping when they are “starving?” If you have to take the time “in the store” to feed your child, WHY don’t you just feed them Prior to your shopping? Give me a break! AND, as a shopper, I guarantee you that if “my comfort be damned,” I will probably make your little breast feeding adventure a little uncomfortable also. If you want to invite the rude comments and rude behavior, expect it when it comes. I certainly would not back down, for the record.

        57. Just came across your blog today. It is wonderful when I find others like my partner who are so supportive. And on top of it, you have this wonderful blog to help share with the world that it is possible to love someone with a “built-in” family Thank you for loving your sweetie and for confronting your fears, disappointments and anything else so that you can be there with her, as a family.

        58. ”BTW, IÂ’ve heard/read my share of not so nice behavior on the part of the Czechs towards the Germans at the end of WW II.”I would think everyone had a go at the Germans at the end of the war. My father’s father fought in the British Army in WWII and was part of the force that cleaned up Belsen, or so the story goes. Whatever happened, when he came back he hardly said a word more for 45 years until he died. He’d go to work, come home, drink his one tot and sit in silence most of the time. Mad, brutal times.

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        61. Thank you. Another Myanmar epub is welcome. I can not comment in Myanmar as I am writing this in Win 8 IE 10 not on Win 8 desktop. I can not install Myanmar ime keyboard in this environment. Is there a way to do this? Which keyboard would you recommend? BTW I have used yr mmepub many times and am wondering why we can not run a similar python program for win innwa font? Is it because it is not OTF or the rendering engine can not render the proper glyphs? Thank you.

        62. Hi DanWe are a book loving family too. I would have to install a separate shed for our library, which I think would be pretty neat. But this plan is only now gestating. I’d want a root cellar too. Maybe a garage/workshop.God is goodjpu

        63. Buenas MARISOL: Mi aprendizaje se basa en dos pasos, primero toda la teoría y luego la práctica como toda aprendiz.Estoy haciendo la lista de materiales para comprarlos,; ya de la masa ubiqué los sitios aquí en Barquisimeto donde son de buena calidad, así voy, hasta que arraque con el proyecto que me proponga.Informo de mis avances poco a poco y lo que encuentre lo compartiré también con todas.Gracias por los tutoriales.

        64. Hello Kenneth, Thank you for your thoughtful response and dedicated political activity. The ongoing political education that is needed to enlighten people’s minds and diminish ignorance will definitely take time to accomplish. Meanwhile, we must continue this ideological struggle against incorrect and ignorant ideas as they are like poisonous weeds that require resistance and elimination. Jimmy Franco Sr.

        65. about Dokdo/Takeshima. But if you read whole paragraph of “世宗実録”, it is not true. And it can be confirmed by “高麗史”. Just as other “高麗史” and “輿地勝覧” write, it still means those islands are seen from peninsula. “世宗実録” is not a bible, but has incorrect sentence which is apparently misquoted from “高麗史”, or corrected in “高麗史”, which is “正史”.

        66. Never mind, after some reading I've found zeroaccess or variations actually install right into critical system files, make registry changes etc. And no security suite is going to remove critical boot files etc in order to clean the system only to leave it unbootable. It seems p2p downloads, java, flash, drive-by infections, twitter, links in email, pdf etc appear to be some of the ways these variations are getting in. And some of the infected websites are not what the average person would ever think would be risky.

        67. There are *so* many things lacking with that quote that I can’t imagine that is how Mr. Case actually feels about the nonprofit sector.It also doesn’t necessarily explain why a “hybrid” organization (Is that, like, a made up term?) would be any better at forecasting ROI.A VC colleague who sits on a venture philanthropy board has a favorite saying when he introduces himself: “I fund not-for-profits too, they just happen to be startups in the technology industry.”

        68. Manuel,llevo tiempo leiendo tu blog, pero aqui sinceremente necesito que nos aclare tu postura frente a esta investigación.No se si has podido tener acceso al sumario y a los documentos forenses que contiene, pero sinceramente me gustaria saber cual es tu opinion sobre este tema, ya que las fuentes que citas ultimamente son realmente poco objetivas.Un saludo.

        69. Un texte très ancien dit à peu près ceci : « Dieu dit : « que la lumière soit » et la lumière fut. … » Ces mots bien qu’anciens expliquent l’autre face du pouvoir des mots.Les mots peuvent en effet créer, mais aussi détruire. Et nous sommes à mon avis trop peu nombreux à tenir compte de cette réalité. Si les mots peuvent guérir des maux, l’inverse est également vrai. Et la métaphore que tu nous proposes en est une belle illustration. Merci à toiPierre Articles récents..

        70. i do not see blacks as a monolithbut i do see math as a realitythat one family in the white house will never affect our race like the millions of saggy pantsed turbo breeders that grossly outnumber that one black familythere are more desmonds than baracksand that is what is killing our race internallydenial or nofyiab

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        75. Helen,Ha! There could be worse fates.I don’t share the view of Socrates in that quote. Just because one marries a good person does not guarantee happiness. (Certainly it helps.) There are holes in the argument if you take it literally. I happened upon that quote after reading all of the negative commentary about women. It stuck me as something funny to throw out there, because it offers some reassurance to those who hold the opinion that women are so bad.

        76. Leo, mi se pare ca incepi sa scrii articole din ce in ce mai bune. Nu stiam ca exista King Warrior Magician Lover si tradusa in limba Romana. Probabil mi-o cumpar ca sa o recitesc si sa o inteleg la alt nivel. Probabil dupa doi ani, se vor fi schimbat modurile cum o percep. Tine-o tot asa!

        77. XNonu Aspis. Questa tesi sta girando da ieri. E non sarebbe neanche un'idea tanto nuova, visto che già Cossiga ci aveva pensato (delegittimare una protesta pacifica e legittima con l'intervento di agitatori/fomentatori ben dislocati).Cospirazionismo?Non lo so. In rete girano un bel po' di video e alcune immagini interessanti.Come dice Cyber, fatevi voi un'opinione vostra.

        78. Berit:Se der ja, veloppdragne unger i ditt nabolag ogsÃ¥. Det er hyggelig Ã¥ høre. Selv ville jeg vært sjeleglad for nyopptatte gulrøtter med jord pÃ¥ – de minner meg om barndommens gulrotslang (du veit du vokste opp pÃ¥ landet nÃ¥r…). MammaMy:Det er hyggelig at du deler ut (giftige) karameller selv om du ikke deltar i feriringen selv. I fjor ga jeg for øvrig godteriet konsekvent betegnelser som flaggermusbæsj, rotteører, heksesnørr og denslags lekkerbiskener. Anonym: Det er bare Ã¥ komme, hvem enn du er! Jeg er hun med den kaklende latteren.

        79. BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) is a chronic disease. The only cure is to quit drinking the Liberal Kool-aid.I’d add Wisconsin and New Jersey to the list of States where things are changing for the better.Cut, Cap & Balance would be a good bill to pass, if the cowardly Democrats in the Senate would let it see the light of day.

        80. this thing is worthless as they are all over the place. He can’t make my clothes for one painting he says, he’ll need more to make it worth his time. Now I have to charge you twenty paintings for a loaf of bread to get the same utility. Substitute different Monopolis games for the baker, artist and tailor and you see the point. So while your theory may make sense in a one dimensional trading environment I don’t think it is realistic to expect it to work in a complex global market.

        81. quand on voit que djoko a perdu son match d’exhib face à guga 7-5 7-6 on se dit qu’il a pas vraiment du se fatiguer toutafé sylvie ! c’est logique qu’il zappe un MS qui t’oblige à passer un mois entier aux US… et vu qu’il a gagné IW, c’est tombé sur miami… après comme je me plais à dire dans mon job : tout planning n’est que prévisionnel, tout dépend des dernières mises à jour !

        82. 19 février 2011Merci pour ton post.Tu n’es effectivement pas le premier qui dit du bien de GIT !Nous avons l’habitude d’utiliser SVN pour l’ensemble de nos projets mais il nous pose pas mal de problèmes que GIT pourrait résoudre (comme tu l’as très bien dit, la gestion des branches et du contenu entre autres…).La question que l’on se pose encore c’est si cela vaut le coup de migrer sur GIT, quand d’autres outils opensource restent sur SVN ?

        83. Mary Jo, I had just read about Gourmet Diner and was so glad he was back. He was undefeated when he raced at Calder and I had met his owner there.I’ll be seeing you at Gulfstream at the Thorofan meeting on Saturday morning.Thanks for the information. Incidentally, Nick Zito and Tim Ritvo will be there; Ritvo runs Gulfstream park and is a trainer.

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        85. Nie wiem czy dobrze zrozumiałeś dlaczego realnie koncentracja nie wzrosła ale zapewne wiesz, że żaden kozak nie utrzyma ponad połowy rynku. Co do Twoich oporów na indeksach światowych i słabego obrotu zgadzam się powinna być przynajmniej jakaś odpowiedź podaży dla wyjaśnienia sytuacji. Jeśli nie to góra.

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        88. would love to get a copy of the manual from you if you were able to figure out how to put it online! I just my machines today from a yard sale, but no manual. And mine also came with a screw that seems to go into the side of the baking pan near the top, any idea what that’s for? Thanks! =)

        89. someone in the comment section wrote this: Pretty amazing that your creative archetype is a generic "she" even though almost all historical examples of creative-types are in fact "he's."I think David Brooks and people like him are responsible for the myth of groups of peoples being equally talented in all ways.Just look around you, who are the people who are entrepreneurs and movers and shakers of the world? The Hollywood elite, the people at the forefront of any industry. Please note their race and gender.=============================so other ppl get the joke too

        90. C’est avec séraphin et chérubin l’une des rares traces de pluriel hébraïque, pris comme singulier, dans la langue française (fedayin suit la même logique, mais n’est pas hébreu).**** effectivement, Dominique, et « taliban » aussi. Je me permets de « taper l’incruste » à cause des travaux de réfection sur la plate-forme bloguesque (olihoud)***nouvel ajout : et, justement, nous parlerons des talibans demain !

        91. I don’t expect the Liberals to let Gillard off the hook for this policy, TerjeP. I fully expect them to object. It would be a pleasantly edifying change if they could manage to stick to the salient points rather than carrying on like pork chops.Of course this policy will end up being the big issue for the next election, and it wouldn’t surprise at all if, partly as a result of this policy shift, that the next election happens before the proposed rollout date of July 2012. If it does, I reckon this policy is a huge vote-winner.

        92. La fidèle oublie que son action était bénévole. Et que les fruit de son bénévolat ne donne aucunement lieu à rémunération.D’autant qu’elle n’a pas été sanctionné pour son blasphème, elle n’a pas être récompensé pour le bénéfice produit en faveur de l’église.Elle devrait s’estimer contente de ne pas avoir excommuniée par notre Saint Père, et continuer à purger son péché par la lecture biblique des décalogues.

        93. I stint on breakfast on weekdays (when I wish I could sleep for longer and need to go catch a scheduled shuttle bus) but I love my weekday breakfasts — that, okay, I admit it, often are more like brunches! ;b

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        95. Very good topic! My son is a teen and has been in trouble once already, but I don’t see him as a risk taker.I am no longer a risk taker, but as a teenage/young adult I did it all – and am grateful that I did not die, kill someone else while driving under the influence, get an STD. But I did suffer some consequences. Its hard for me to believe I was so careless back then – but I just did NOT care. Now I won’t even drive after one glass of wine!

        96. Hola! :-)Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, it will be pleasure to me:-) I looked through your blog and I like your style, wonderful photos! And I love the Impresionists too, especially Monet and Renoir! I have many books about them with their amazing pictures.Have a nice day!Greetings,Vianne from Prague

        97. I was mostly a lurker on the Scramm boards, but I threw around my moderator-wanna-be self over on the GLUMOL boards, swearing that Glumol would make it one day and defending Glumol against the nay-sayers. I gave up on Glumol about a week ago. [rolls eyes]

        98. chi (3)-Pointing out that the emperor is naked is neither new nor innovative. It doesn’t make for classic CNBC shrieking head decabox wars, which is why Taleb bombs every time they have him on (after about five minutes, the bimbos default to repreatedly asking him for stock picks).Morgan and Taleb share grating and bombastic personality traits, but they are very similar in their core message, which is that we are all fuct.

        99. gan mau tanya, bagaimana kalau orang yang memberikan komentar di post orang dan memberikan alamat situs, apakah itu termasuk backlink? maaf masih newbie ga ngudeng.. n kan biasanya site yang punya PR tinggi kan biasanya susah untuk backlink, nah gimana caranya bkin web kita naik PRnya tanpa berhubungan dengan web yng PRnya tinggi? sukses gan.. 🙂

        100. Juan, es estupendo lo que proponías en este artículo hace tres años. No sé si esto ha funcionado porque soy novato; poquito a poco nos iremos viendo y conociendo.Me gusta que el lama Djinpa diga que ve “el amanecer de la Luz de Oriente en Occidente”. Deseo que todos sepamos apreciar esa luz y que sepamos reenviarla a los demás.

        101. – Obviously I can see what you’ve done to accentuate the different parts of the image. However I’m not sure that I’m that keen on it. If two planes in the image are in focus I think it kinda works or having the focus fade from L>R etc, but having individual items isn’t so cool. All in my opinion of course – horses for courses and that.

        102. It is fine…I simply could not go away your site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the usual information an individual supply for your guests? Is gonna be again continuously to inspect new posts….

        103. Gracias por tus palabras Kiki! Me gusta lo que escribes, especialmente la parte donde mencionas que “Nunca estaré preparada completamente” es cierto y me hace sentir que debo hacerlo (por que SI quiero hacerlo), solo es cuestión de lanzarme y olvidar mis temores por una noche, por que estoy segura que cuando esté dentro de mi estaré feliz!

        104. … “No caulking should enter the bat area.”They also recommend using “rough cedar” . . . “If you use cedar, the rough side of the wood should be on the inside so the bats can grip it. If you don’t use cedar or a wood with a rough surface, staple a piece of ordinary black vinyl window screen to the inside back wall of the bat house. Let it extend to the bottom for grip.”

        105. Ironie 0  0Jetzt werden hier hier Witze über ein ernstes Thema gemacht: Waffen.In solchen gewaltverherrlichenden Videos wird Kindern der Schrecken vor diesen Mordwerkzeugen genommen. Und es gibt genug Beispiele, in allen möglichen Ländern, die zeigen, dass solche Videos konsequenzen haben…Gewalt ist keine Lösung! Also ihr bösen Menschen; Ich geh jetzt auf ne Friedensdemo und spiel ein paar Friedenslieder auf meiner Gitarre.

        106. Things like that have happened to me as well. As far as being boxed in just try to safely get out of it and then as soon as you are call the police- non emergency or not is your call- explain that two men were harassing you and recklessly driving-etc, try to get a plate number if you can’t description of car and maybe description of man. Unfortunately, we’re not in a comic book and we can’t pull over and kick the stupid out of these so-called-men. Sorry that you have to go through it at all.

        107. It was eight men who were killed by Thornton, Steve. Omar is counted as the ninth fatality in the shooting. Apparently, blowing your brains out after slaughtering your co-workers makes you as much a victim of violence as anyone else in this country.

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        111. L. M. Thank you for clarifying your position. I am certainly willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that, while some of your language was problematic, this was not done with intent. Part of the problem here is that many of us are trying to get out of the language of disability and into that of a minority group.

        112. Okay this might be a little too much TMI, but I tore to the second degree like you, and everthing you mention is just about right. I feared going to the bathroom to do #2.To make matters worse, some of my stitches opened up, so I had a 4th hole for a couple of months until it closed itself naturally. Definitely not fun! I hope you start feeling better soon. I started feeling better week 3. not to be a debbie downer.

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        117. when is a politician going to propose that each taxpayer has an ‘opt-out’ option for wars of imperialism?What a populist message it would be, and you’d see a high poll approvals.Does anyone know what percentage of our federal tax dollars go to military spending?

        118. Thats a cool set of figures, nice job. The sculpts on the werewolf and wolves make the look a bit more cuddly than I would expect.Excuse my ignorance, but is Castle Ravenloft a D&D thing? I recognize the ghoul as a D&D miniature.Are the rat swarms D&D figures too?

        119. My youngest daughter is also the youngest in her grade. She was diagnosed with ADHD & the medication didn’t help at all. I’ve found myself wishing I would’ve waited another year for her to start school. Her grades are good, but I don’t feel that she is as mature as her classmates. I believe it’s more of being young than ADHD.

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    3. My boy just turned 3 and we are just now even thinking about another baby. I wanted to wait until I felt prepared, ready, educated in the ways of Mom. Yeah. This year I finally realized that time won’t ever come. So we’ll try for baby No.2 knowing just enough to know we have no clue what we’re doing… but we’re enjoying it anyways

    4. Boa tarde,Comecei a tomar o genérico da Mercilon e, apesar de todos me dizerem que a composição é a mesma, não me tenho sentido muito bem com ela. Sinto-me sempre inchada, constante mau estar e tenho dores antes de me vir a menstruação que já não tinha desde que comecei a tomar a pílula. Será natural ou será melhor voltar a tomar a Mercilon?

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