Get Your WordPress + Standard 3 + CommentLuv Premium+ Social Media Ready Blog

I am feeling really proud to announce that we are going to start this supreme service of building a WordPress Blog for our readers right from the zero. Here are the contents of thisSupreme WordPress Blog Building Package“:

  • WordPress Blog :- We will buy hosting from HostGator for you, register your domain and build a WordPress Blog ready to go out in the middle. We are going to handle everything other than content on your blog. Here is how : 
  1. Standard 3 Premium WordPress Theme :- Your blog will be installed with the most powerful and the best ever WordPress Premium Theme – Standard v3.0. Standard 3 has the best state of the art code which is highly SEO optimized and it has been designed to increase your Search Engine Rankings and organic traffic. You can read more and everything about Standard 3 here.  Your blog will be installed with Standard 3 totally free of cost.
  2. CommentLuv Premium Plugin :- We will install CommentLuv Premium plugin on your website with absolutely no additional cost. CommentLuv is the best plugin which will flood your blog with comments, traffic and backlinks. You can read more about it here
  3. Plugins :- Plugins play a big role in a WordPress Blog. Right number and appropriate plugins can give your WordPress Blog a big boost. That is why we have decided to free you from worrying about which ones to have on your blog and which ones to avoid. From SEO to Page Speed plugins, we will handle everything from installation to configuration. The plugin count will remain between 4-6. We will also install SEO ALRP Premium Plugin free of cost.
  4. Social Media :- We have divided this part into two sub-parts :-

Off-Page :- Social-Networking is a must for a blog in terms of traffic, popularity and backlinks. New bloggers have to spend a lot of time getting into various social networking sites and integrating them with their blog. That is why we decided to make things easier for them. We will create:-

  1. A Facebook Page for your blog. We will also create a custom logo or profile picture for your blog which you can change or customize anytime. This applies to all below.
  2. A Google + Page for you blog. We will create a gmail-id for you. A Google+ page can highly increase your SERPs with Google.
  3. A Twitter Profile to make followers and tweet your blog posts to them to increase traffic.
  4. Burn a feed with Feedburner and redirect all your default WordPress feeds to your Feedburner Feed (without using a plugin). This can help you customize your feed better and monetize it with Google AdSense.
  5. Create profiles on StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati which will help you gain more exposure, backlinks and traffic to your blog.
  6. Install Google Analytics and other necessary scripts.
  7. Once you have some content on your WordPress blog, we will create SITEMAP for your blog and submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

On-Page :- Your blog will be ready to spread content on Social Media. Your widgets will be ready to gain you followers, fans and subscribers through various social media buttons and subscriptions forms. So all you need to do is to focus on writing quality content and you are done. 

  • Hosting and Domain Registration :- Your blog will be hosted with Hostgator shared hosting. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime and are the best when it comes to WordPress hosting. You need not go into the technicalities of registering your domain, configuring your DNS etc. We will handle everything from domain registration to have your blog up and running. Just fill a simple form below and you are done. Next we will present you with a fully functional and powerful WordPress Blog.  
  • Support and Upgrades :- We guarantee you that we will never leave you in middle of something. You face any problem regarding hosting or WordPress support and we will be there for you with your problem solved within 24 hours.  For Standard 3, you will get free lifetime upgrades as long as you stay with us. Though we will not provide you support with customizations. Those are upto you.

  Points to Note :-

  1. You will be provided with the proofs and invoices of your domain registration and hosting account. You will have complete access to the cPanel of your Hostgator hosting account and WordPress admin area. Though you will not be given access to the billing area. We are here to assist you in case you need any kind of support. 
  2. We will not help you with your content in this package. We will handle everything rest but not the content. 
  3. After the package expires, you will be given the access to your billing area and you can wish to continue or discontinue according to your wish and need. We will not bear any expenses after your package expires.
  4. We will introduce live chat feature in our website within a few days to help assist our clients in real-time. 
  5. All the work done is manual and by humans and we do not make use of any bot. 

45-Days Money Back Guarantee :- We assure you that in any rarest of the rare case, if you do not feel satisfied, you can ask for your money back within 45-days and you will be refunded without a single question asked.

 So How Much This Supreme WordPress Blog Building Package Is Going to Cost Me?  :roll:  :lol:

We have tried to keep the price low so as to save you from getting any burden on your pockets. We are offering this package at a must grab deal of $137 for 1 YEAR DOMAIN REGISTRATION AND 1 YEAR HOSTGATOR HOSTING INCLUDING STANDARD 3 INSTALLATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA KIT FOR YOUR WORDPRESS BLOG. 



But we have something even more for you.

We know and understand the fact that new bloggers often face shortage of funds until they do not start making some money out of their blog. Hence, keeping this thing in mind, we give you the choice to pay in installments. Here is the deal :

You pay 75% of the total Package Price now and rest 25% within 15 days

 Note :- Non-Payment of second installment after 15 days can result in your account being banned and your domain and website will be seized from you.



Before you choose your payment options, you need to fill this short form below to let us know who you are :-

 Note :- You can use this tool to check for domains if they are available. Once you find one, you have to fill it in the form below. We will register that domain for you. If you have your own domain and only want hosting for it, you need not use this tool.

Note :- Whether you register a new domain, or you use your own, the prices remain same. So it is better to find a new one here.  

After selecting the domain, fill the following details:


After submitting your information above, proceed below for payment :

Note :- We will consider your form only after you have paid for your package.



Supreme Blog Building Package- One Time Payment



Supreme Blog Building Package- 1st Installment




Supreme Blog Building Package- 2nd Installment

Note :- When paying your second installment, use the same Paypal account you used for paying the 1st Installment. Price for 2nd Installment is same for all packages.

For Indian Residents :-

  • Alertpay(Payza) :- You can signup for the PAYZA here. Use your credit card to deposit funds in your account and transfer them to my Payza account. My Payza account id is ““. It is easy, fast and secure. The amount and pricing remains the same.
  • Liberty Reserve :- You can signup for a Liberty Reserve account here. For LR you will need an exchanger. You can use GoldExPay for exchanging currencies. They are fast, secure and reliable. Once you have funds in LR, you can transfer them to our LR account. Our Liberty Reserve account id is “U6648689“. The amount and pricing remains the same.
  • Direct bank Deposit :- Send us an email at “” and we will revert to you within 12-24 hours with our bank account information. Bank Deposit will be in INDIAN RUPEES(INR).
  • NEFT Transfer :- You can send us money through NEFT. Again send us an email at “” and we will provide you with all information within 12-24 hours.
Warnings :- 
  • Using sites for porn and adult content, gambling and other illegal purposes will result in your domain and blog seized by us. 
  • Defaulters will face legal action. 
  • It can take upto 5 business days to have your site up and running and handed over to you by us. Please cooperate with us. We are always there for you. 
  • We will provide you invoices of your domain and hosting registrations. But you will not be given access to them. Infact leave all technicalities to us. You only have to focus on creating quality content. 
  • If you use your own domain, you will have to change nameservers in your DNS for your site to function properly. We will provide you everything through email. 
  • In case you choose payment by installments, 45-day money back guarantee applies till only 15 days. Once you pay your 2nd installment, we take it as a token of satisfaction. Anyhow you will always be served at our best. 
A Few Words By Vineet Saxena(The Creator) :- For all bloggers and those people who wish to make a fortune using the power of internet but are somehow not able to start their blog or website due to lack of knowledge or technicalities or shortage of funds, I have created this program. We will try our every bit to give you 100% satisfaction with this package upon my words. You have to start to reach somewhere. We will give you a platform where you only have to worry about creating quality content, rest we will take care of.
Vineet Saxena.  


  1. Luther says

    How can you do SEO without the keywords? Are the clients required to give you the keywords before you start setting up the package? I just do not understand how you can possible set up a blog page that is SEO friendly until you have an idea of what the keywords for the blog page will be.

    Luther wants you to read…The Far-out Future of Social MediaMy Profile

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